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Original Car Switch From Nissen Building

Original Car Switch From Nissen Building

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

We absolutely love when we get e-mails from people who have come across true elevator artifacts and have the history that comes with the piece.

Thanks to Tommy Yates who was nice enough to contact Jim over at C.J. Anderson asking how much the car switch that he purchased might be worth.  What’s great is that the history that Tommy has on where this car switch came from.

This Otis car switch was pulled out of the Nissen Building in Winston-Salem, NC when they did a remodeling back in the 1970’s. Some other great information that Tommy had to share was that he remembers going into this building many times during the 50’s and 60’s as his dad’s office was on the 3rd floor.  The elevator doors were brass and polished almost daily, also there was a fold down seat in the car for the operator.  The lobby had this beautiful pink marble wainscoating that sadly was torn out during the remodeling of the bldg., my dad acquired enough of this to cover every table top in the house at the time.

These kinds of photographs and stories are what this website is all about. Thank you so much Tommy for sharing your photographs and story. Enjoy the photos and additional information on the Nissen Building.

Wikipedia Entry on the Nissen Building

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