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Original Haughwout Building Elevator For Sale – 1857

Original Haughwout Building Elevator For Sale – 1857

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Special thanks to Jan for sending this link over. It literally had my mouth hanging down to the floor for a couple of reasons. The first has to do with how much this elevator cab is being sold for, 50K! The second reason for my suprise is the fact that this very may well be the FIRST commerical elevator ever installed in the United States.  If this elevator could talk, the stories it might tell.

I give the seller a lot of credit for putting such a high price tag on it. After all it’s more than just wood cab walls, its a piece of American History.

The actual listing is below. 


Antique Otis Elevator Cab.  Machined East Lake Style.  First commercial elevator in NYC.  Created as a cabinet in approximately 1825, the cab has pretty wood paneling and mirrors within and detail without.  48 x 67 inches.  The cab, a historically and architecturally significant piece of American History, will be gently removed from The Haughwout Building in NYC. The elevator cab was constructed as a piece of custom millwork unlike contemporary cabs that are constructed in individual panels.

I just wish there were more photos to look at.

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