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C.J. Anderson MC Controller Brochure from 1917

C.J. Anderson MC Controller Brochure from 1917

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

You just have to love these old vintage advertising bulletins. This one sent to me by a collector on the east cost the Type MC Controller was one of the first “simple” controllers on the market. Used for hand rope, hand wheel or car switch they were the bomb back in the day. What’s cool about the bulletin is that while the MC Controller is no longer available C.J. Anderson still offers replacement carbons, coppers and they can also rebuild the dashpot. Check out the pricing on the second insert page and you’ll see that the most expensive option was for a 40hp motor running on 110vac was only $316.00 however back in 1917 that was a lot of money.  One dollar back then was the equivalent of $17.10 and some of the locations C.J. Anderson controllers were installed were in Chicago, NY, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Indianapolis. Pretty much anywhere a metropolitan city was growing upwards you could find elevator companies like C.J. Anderson helping them build towards the clouds.


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Pacific Elevator and Equipment Company Car Switch Refurbishment

Pacific Elevator and Equipment Company Car Switch Refurbishment

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

These photos were shared by C.J. Anderson & Company who restored them for a very old and historical building in San Francisco California. Two car switches were brought back to there original condition and the one red lens, which was cracked was replicated using a cast resin from a mold taken from the original lens. It’s truly amazing the dirt and history that these two car switches showed. Considering they’ve been in operation for over 50 years it was an honor to bring them back to the day they were first installed. Keep this in mind if you’re looking to have your original castings restored in your elevator. It’s worth the cost for doing so and you’ll most likely get another 40-50 years out of service from your elevator by doing so.

Work Performed

  • Refinished Panels, coated/sealed once completed
  • Rebuilt Latch For Handle
  • Replicated Red Octagon Lens
  • Created New Trim Ring For Lens and Added Lamp

Before & After Photos

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