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Elevator Museums

Monday, March 21st, 2011

A nice e-mail from Robert Vogel regarding elevator museums in Europe. I wanted to share this with everyone who might be interested. Currently there is one online Elevator Museum supported by Elevator World Magazine. 


Elevator Museums 

When last I looked (1987, I think it was), there appeared to be exactly two elevator museums in the entire world:
One was/is near Amsterdam, consisting of a good collection of early of elevator equipment, both hydraulic and electric, assembled by Otis’s Netherlands agent (whose name I now forget). As I recall, it wasn’t staffed and was open only by application to the above-mentioned man.
The other was/is in Budapest. It was organized by the manager of the (Communist) state elevator factory. Like his Dutch counterpart, he had an abiding interest in elevator history, and whenever they pulled out an early machine or lift system to replace it with modern equipment, he would appropriate it for his museum.
I had the pleasure of visiting both establishments in about the above year, to find, not too surprisingly, that neither was exactly overrun with other visitors. The Hungarian collection was a bit less interesting than the Dutch, most of the machines being relatively small drum electrics, plus a middle-aged car or two.   I’ve had no contact with either since then and, in fact, have to wonder whether either survives today, what with the likely retirement of both men, and particularly Hungary’s radically changed political basis.

Robert Vogel

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A.B. SEE Car Switch

A.B. SEE Car Switch

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Found this old car switch for sale over on ebay. This unit which was taken out of an old hotel sold for $300 which was a steal to the winning bidder. A very cool piece of elevator memoribilia and one that would have looked great in any office, bar or garage.  Don’t send any e-mails, this is long gone to the highest bidder. If you’re interested in a new car switch check this out. 

If you’re interested in checking out some other cool car switches visit Elevator Bob’s website by clicking the following link; 

Thanks to Bob for putting together this great photo website!

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