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1906 – Elevator Birdcage & Enclosure Design

1906 – Elevator Birdcage & Enclosure Design

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

One of the cool things about being a contributor to this website is all the great content that you get to see and come in contact with.  We recently acquired a Sweets catalog from 1906 from an auction and it’s in excellent condition being over 100 years old. It provides an excellent history of elevator equipment from this era and the photos are in great condition.

We received an e-mail asking for assistance on what an elevator cage or door from the 1910-1920 would look like. The photo attached provides a pretty good idea of what you would have seen if you were to have ridden an elevator from this time period.  Car Switch manual controls were the standard operation and safety devices were not what they are today.

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