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Great Antique Elevator Pieces

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I love these e-mails and the photographs that are attached. The car switch photograph is pretty rare in my opinion. Never have I seen one with the markings that this one had. If you’re reading this post and would like to share a photo gallery of your collection, send it over to and if you’ve got some history behind the pieces that’s what makes them special. Great e-mail Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing. If anyone has information on these items please share them in the comments section below.


My name is Jennifer and my father has been in the elevator industry for over 40 years. He recently went through some of his things and he gave me some stuff. He did not have a lot of information about where they came from or what age they were but they seem to be some really interesting pieces. I would appreciate any information that you could give my regarding the age of any of the items and also what materials they may be made of. I tried to take pictures so that you could see the details and also included a yardstick so that you would know what size these items were.


Again, any information that you can give me would be appreciated. Also, my dad is really curious too!
Thank you,



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1960’s – 1970’s Lantern Wanted

1960’s – 1970’s Lantern Wanted

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Let’s help Justin out! If you’ve seen these or know where to get them send Justin an e-mail!


We are an elevator company based out of Indianapolis. We found these, and we are missing one. I was wondering if you knew where we can get another one or know of a place that sales antique or replica parts.

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